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Mercy Ships Founder and President, Don Stephens, shares in his daily podcast how you can make a lasting difference in a world of need by following the model of Jesus. Including stories collected from all over the world, and especially from those who volunteer with Mercy Ships, Don explains how we don’t have to look far for ways to show mercy.

Feb 28, 2017

Deb Louden, from Australia, volunteered as a nurse onboard our hospital ship for over five years. She recently wrote a farewell blog.

Feb 27, 2017

A large mail drop box is set into the wall of Pastor Lee’s laundry room in South Korea. When the buzzer sounds, he rushes to the box and lifts out …a baby. The Baby Box is a place of rescue for unwanted and disabled infants.

Feb 24, 2017

Juliette lives in a remote part of Madagascar. For five years, she suffered with a growing tumor in her mouth. A friend of hers met some Mercy Ships nurses who were on a fact-finding trip. They gave Juliette an appointment card for an examination onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.

Feb 23, 2017

Five billion people lack access to safe affordable surgical care worldwide. Listen to a crewmember’s description of the need that was clearly evident at our patient screening day in Benin.

Feb 22, 2017

Scott Wagers used to run a homeless shelter in downtown San Jose. The police crackdown in 2014 scattered the homeless community. So Wagers decided he would have to go to them – and that’s when an RV called the Mercy Mobile was born.