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Mercy Ships Founder and President, Don Stephens, shares in his daily podcast how you can make a lasting difference in a world of need by following the model of Jesus. Including stories collected from all over the world, and especially from those who volunteer with Mercy Ships, Don explains how we don’t have to look far for ways to show mercy.

Aug 31, 2016

Youth With a Mission has a training center in Kona, Hawaii. A small group of Mission youth gathered weekly to skateboard at the Ohana Court. It quickly mushroomed into over 60 people – from affluent to homeless, from well-behaved kids to drug-users and just plain troublemakers.

Aug 30, 2016

Nurse Sonja Dawson took her first voyage with Mercy Ships in 1994, intending to volunteer for 3 months. She stayed 12 years! She says, “You get to see so many transformations, it’s incredible!”

Aug 29, 2016

Torrential rains hit East Texas, and many homes were flooded. Nancy had water in the basement of her housee. But mercy came to her rescue.

Aug 26, 2016

Fitia is a rambunctious two-year-old. But one day, she tripped over a pot of boiling soup and suffered burns to her neck and chest. In a nation like Madagascar with limited medical care, burns can lead to death.

Aug 25, 2016

Opportunities for mercy may be in your own backyard. Leslie Ring of Allyn, Washington, saw a need in her neighborhood, and she found a way to help.