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Mercy Ships Founder and President, Don Stephens, shares in his daily podcast how you can make a lasting difference in a world of need by following the model of Jesus. Including stories collected from all over the world, and especially from those who volunteer with Mercy Ships, Don explains how we don’t have to look far for ways to show mercy.

Sep 29, 2017

Constance was 26, but looked small and frail.  He weighed only a hundred pounds.  No relative was with him onboard our hospital ship.

Sep 28, 2017

After her free surgery, Veronique had just started to smile again.  She was finally talking to other patients.  But when she tested positive for a certain type of bacteria, she had to be put in isolation.  She became very depressed.  But listen as a crew member onboard our hospital ship tells what happened...

Sep 27, 2017

Sometimes kindness can be like the sunshine on a rainy day.  Paula from Missouri submitted the following example to a magazine. 

Sep 26, 2017

People are really much alike – even when they’re separated by an ocean.  Katie Callow, a volunteer Mercy Ships photographer, noticed one similarity at a patient screening in Benin.

Sep 25, 2017

Mary lay in her hospital bed, holding a small mirror.  The 14-year-old girl had received free surgery onboard our hospital ship.  The volunteer surgeons had removed a disfiguring facial tumor.