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Mercy Ships Founder and President, Don Stephens, shares in his daily podcast how you can make a lasting difference in a world of need by following the model of Jesus. Including stories collected from all over the world, and especially from those who volunteer with Mercy Ships, Don explains how we don’t have to look far for ways to show mercy.

May 22, 2018

The treatment to correct club feet can take a long time.  It requires many painful changes of leg casts over time.  Mercy Ships volunteer Anna wrote about her observations of a club foot patient

May 21, 2018

Scott Wagers used to run a homeless shelter in downtown San Jose.  The police crackdown in 2014 scattered the homeless community.  So Wagers decided he would have to go to them – and that’s when an RV called the Mercy Mobile was born.

May 18, 2018

Tam Lowe served as a volunteer nurse onboard our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.  She saw remarkable transformations in her patients’ lives.

May 17, 2018

Tom and Ann-Marie serve as volunteers on our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy.  In a blog entry, they described a special wall of photos onboard the ship.

May 16, 2018

Our day-crew is a vital part of our hospital ship operation.  Day-crew members come from the countries we serve.  Listen as a crew member describes a special moment.