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Mercy Ships Founder and President, Don Stephens, shares in his daily podcast how you can make a lasting difference in a world of need by following the model of Jesus. Including stories collected from all over the world, and especially from those who volunteer with Mercy Ships, Don explains how we don’t have to look far for ways to show mercy.

Dec 31, 2015

Again and again the plight of South Africa’s AIDS orphans replayed in Yvonne Greig’s mind. And God’s mercy-seed...

Dec 30, 2015

Mercy Ships hires local people in the countries we serve to work as day-crew. Edward Carew is from Sierra Leone, and he joined us in 2011. He serves as an engine hand in the engineering department onboard our hospital ship.

Dec 29, 2015

One day, Nurse Noel Grant was working at her desk on our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, when she had an...

Dec 28, 2015

Evelyn Davies lives in a bungalow overlooking the sea in Wales. She offers a ministry for people affected by serious illness. She doesn’t offer a cure. She simply offers a listening ear and a quiet...

Dec 25, 2015

Mercy Ships volunteer Rosie Timms thought spending Christmas onboard our hospital ship might be lonely. But she was surprised.